Ramson Coconut Oil Pure Double Filtered Coconut oil Since 1975. Ramson Oil Industries & Ramson Oil Mills is situated in the serene environments of Anjarakandy in Kannur District in the northern part of the state of Kerala (Kannur), India.
              The company was established in 1975 and has spread its wings across the state kerala, and parts of Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat . By processing copra at the point of purchase itself, with the help of hygienic copra drying yards, mechanical dryers and special storage facilities. After extraction , the oil is filtered using a 2-stage filtering process to derive crystal clarity. We ensure that the highest quality standards are maintained. Over 35 years of resourceful experience in the field of processing and manufacturing coconut oil ensure you consistent supply of premium quality coconut oil.The product carries with the promise of purity. It comes in :

  • 15 kg jar
  • 5 Litre Yellow can Export Quality
  • 1 litre pouch(Box with 10 pouches)
  • ½ litre pouch(Box with 20 pouches)
  • 200ml pouch(Box with 50 pouches)
  • 1 litre Bottle(Box with 12 bottles)
  • ½ litre Bottle(Box with 24 bottles)
  • 200ml Bottle(Box with 24 bottles)
  • 100ml Bottle(Box with 36 bottles)
  • Coconut oil cake(chips,cake)
New products launched 5 litre yellow can pure double filtered coconut oil export quality . We Use Simple Cloth press filteration method ,No chemical Treatment or heating is done During the process as a result or product wiill be 100% percentage natural!Ramson Pure double Filtered Coconut oil is 100% Pure coconut oil free from another other oils mixed. We only use selected copra dried in a mechanical drier and only which are free from sulpher and smoke